Glass Bead Necklaces
Our creations are one of a kind. We design each and every one of our items, then in most cases throw away the mold and make something different. We enjoy creating more than we do making more. Our products are made in Maysel, West Virginia from only the best raw materials. Our necklace chain is closed loop and soldered. Our earring hoops are all hypo allergenic and come with plastic keepers that prevent loss. Our chain maille is made from machine cut rings for that finished look. We take great pride in bringing you only the finest new designs and products every day.
We make all of our beads one at a time from 104 COE Effetre/Moretti Glass rods. We use a surface mix oxygen/propane burner and stainless steel mandrels with non toxic bead release. Each bead is “one of a kind,” made in the USA in our studio in Maysel, West Virginia, not mass produced. All of our beads have been kiln annealed for a minimum of 2 hours at 970 degrees. Beads that are not annealed will eventually crack. Most mass produced beads are not annealed and are made in other countries of inferior and sometimes toxic materials. A bead that has been annealed is still glass and by no means indestructible. It should be handled with care, but will be much more durable and will have a better chance of passing the test of time, providing a lifetime of enjoyment.
Lampwork Glass Beads

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